Hello world!

hey there!

how is your day going?

At the start of of the year I made a deal to complete a sewing item every month. Its now April… nothing done. Oops!

But I have started to get really inspired over the last couple of weeks, yesterday I found two items to make and I’ve got one cut out already – just to get it done :)


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Ha! I made the same goal, and I’m just about to finish my first project. Just keep moving forward. That’s all that matters.

  2. You will catch up, each time you suceed you’ll be motivated to carry on. If it doesn’t come out as you intended you’ll learn from it, so the project can never actually fail. These days soooo few of us were taught to sew, you’ll find a scarey number of us are “self-taught”, although there are some great online courses out there too. Just reading other blogs you’ll get inspiration as well as valuable tips. You’re only in the same position now that most of us were once. Jump into the internet community and enjoy yourself.

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