Reminder for the sewing journey

Reminder for the sewing journey

I love this.
I get so frustrated when things don’t turn out perfectly. This is my motto for the year…


7 thoughts on “Reminder for the sewing journey

  1. This almost made me cry, I’m feeling very wounded after the weekend’s sewing efforts and I actually had that thought in my head about giving up sewing. But I decided I am not a quitter and it’s all part of the journey to learning more and producing better quality garments. I am so printing this out and putting on my wall.

  2. Hat dies auf Nadelspielereien rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Nicht die Hoffnung aufgeben, Ladys, irgendwann werden wir gut genug für unsere eigenen Ansprüche. Und dann dürfen unsere Töchter jahrzehntelang versuchen, so gut wie Mama zu werden. 😉

  3. That is so true. I have been crocheting nearly my entire life now and I have just resently started to love my work. Go on and on, try, despair and try again. But the most important is to stay interested and have fun with whatever you do.

    • Have fun whatever – I like that thought! I often despair when something I sew has faults, but I’m learning that as long as it wearable, it’s probably ok 🙂

      • Sure it is. And by the way not perfection makes thinks pretty but the little mistakes. Nobody than you yourself can see them most likely but often they make the things so special that other people do like your stuff a lot. I just gave up on being perfect last year and it works. I like my things myself the way they are now and that is why I am more creative now. 🙂

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