My new wool skirt…

wow… we are on a roll. A week later and I’m up to the second garment of the year – and I have another one almost done…

Its fair to say that these two were UFO’s so they’d already been cut out – all I had to was put them together. Which for my skirt was not as pretty as I thought.

I mentioned with my orange skirt that I usually just throw something together, and the wool skirt is one of those. I brought the wool about 2 years ago after falling in love with the blue that creates the check and soon after just placed one of my work skirts on the fabric and used it as a cutting pattern.close up - isn't the blue pretty

I’d gotten very basic blue lining and did the same with that. After sewing up 2/3 of the lining pieces to the waistband I realised I’d cut one upside down… and as a result its sat in the UFO pile ever since.

But not anymore… I am on a mission so I picked it back up, sorted out what went wrong and forged ahead. It wasn’t til I was a lot further along that I realised that a) I’d sewn the front lining on the wrong way and b) while I’d been a bit embarrassed about my seriously dodgy and uneven cutting lines I hadn’t actually thought about straightening them til it was too late (for me anyway, I hate redoing things).

I also must have cut this out before I even heard about pattern matching on the seams… oops. But this is all a learning experience huh, I will get better…

Perfect matching!

despite this, check out the completely random matching on the back seam… (my finger is on the hem line – you can hardly see it huh!)

This skirt saw my second invisible zipper which is def an improvement on the one for the orange skirt.





New skirt

Side view

I am really happy with this skirt – there’s lots of messiness on the inside but I pleased how it looks on the outside. I thought when I picked the fabric up again it was a little bit nanna-ish. And yes its a a tad old fashioned. But everytime I wear the skirt it based on I got compliments and I am looking forward to wearing it this week.







Baby card

On another note, a friend of mine had a baby earlier today… look at what I put together during Project Runway!


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