todays item is another one of my UFO’s. And its not finished – and is on hold. (We can do that right?).

I brought the green cotton last year, and cut out the pattern out soon after, using a basic pattern from Burda Magazine.

Burda Magazine

So I hauled it out last week and started putting it together. My first confusion was why there were horizontal bust darts on the front and the back. Huh? never seen that before.

But it all became clear when I cleaned out my sewing room and discovered two more pieces cut out. Obviously I had realised that that fabric was so thin it needed to be lined, and had cut the pattern twice so I could self-line (also, I now know, called underlining!).

So off I went and put it together, but it all came to a screeching halt at the first fitting. Let this be a lesson for you all… Measure before you cut. Its too small. Sigh.

But its only a little bit too small. It WILL fit soon… honest. So its almost done – I just need to fit and hem it. It will sit in the naughty corner til it fits at which point I will haul it back out, finish it and wear it 🙂

So in the meantime I will tease you with a shot of the fabric, rather than the finished garment – itsn’t the pattern beautiful? The green is actually brighter than it appears in the photo. LOVE it.

Green cotton - one day!

Have you ever got a bit carried away and cut without measuring and had it go wrong? I’m sad to say I also do this with RTW clothes as well – “oh this is so pretty… it will fit soon…I’ll get it!”…. lots of people do this right? right??

I am nearly done on another UFO – the big scary one! Photos of my completed Watson jacket soon. Promise.


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