May means Burda Sew Along!

Wow, May already! That means its the official kick off of Burda sew along month.

Two fellow Wellington Bloggers The Curious Kiwi and Kat at Modern Vintage Cupcakes have set this up – and its not too late to join 🙂 They figured they probably weren’t the only ones who had a stock of Burda magazines sitting there gathering dust so the challenge is to make at least one thing this month…

I love Burda mags, they have lots of pretty pics 🙂 However I haven’t had much luck. I have tried to make two things – a pair of pants a few years back that didn’t fit right and the green singlet that I had cut too small. But I plan to take this slow and steady and see what I can do.

BurdaStyle 3/2010

BurdaStyle 3/2010

I have a family wedding at the start of July and I saw this dress about two years ago, about the same time as my cousin got engaged. I want to wear this dress. However I’m not even sure this will suit me. And the wedding is in winter. And the fabric I have is gold and I don’t wear gold jewellery. And I’m bigger than the biggest dress size. And I’m not sure I will even be able to construct this thing – it has boning eep!!

Regardless I love it and I am going to try. The Burda Sew Along is the perfect excuse to get my butt into G. And I am going to do it properly and start with a muslin (even made out of calico!! no wearable muslin for me! ) And if I make the muslin and don’t like the dress then at least I’ve tried it.

So the first step is to cut out the pattern and start sizing for my fit! My bust and hip measurements fit a size 44 (the biggest size) perfectly but as I have no waist to speak of – I’m straight up and down – my waist measurement is somewhere out in the stratosphere. And yay its May so I can get it started!


8 thoughts on “May means Burda Sew Along!

  1. So glad you are playing along and excited to find another Wellington Sewing Blogger! H ave we bugged you to join our Bloggers Network yet? Our next meet in May 19th so let me know if you would like to hang out with us, don’t be shy 🙂 It’s going to be fun like always! 😉

    • Yay, would be great to meet you in person! 🙂 I can’t find your email here anywhere, so if the Curious Kiwi hasn’t already been in touch, do you want to email me at macska at gmail dot com so we can let you know the details for the May meet up?

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  3. hey hon,I finally got around to looking at your blog!you have been a busy girl!you put me to shame,I think I better learn to sew

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