May Means Burda Sew Along… Part 2

so…. my Burda dress. We are after all halfway through the  month so time for an update it is.

Just a refresher – this is what the end product should look like when done….

BurdaStyle 3/2010

BurdaStyle 3/2010

challenges with making this are:

  • I’ve never made a dress before
  • I don’t know if it will suit me
  • I have to drastically adjust the pattern as I have nowhere near a Burda figure

Just a few things!  So I am doing the proper thing and making a toile first. As I don’t know if I would wear a dress like this anywhere else and as I think it might take me many tries to get right so I’ve started with muslin. And half a month in, my dress looks like this….

hmmmm not so good.

hmmm. Now I have to be honest and say that I have no idea how to resize a pattern. I started with cutting out the pattern as is, then measured across the front bodice and worked out how much I thought I needed to add on. I figured I needed another 1.5cm all the way around. I decided to increase the size of each front pattern by 1.5 cm – including the length figuring that it was easier to shorten rather than lengthen.

After drafting up and cutting the new pieces out, I then couldn’t work out how to get the jolly things back together! There are 5 pieces for the front bodice alone and of course they curve some so the flat edges don’t match like you think they should. In the end I pinned the original pieces together to work it out, and while playing with them realised that the original middle bodice pieces fit quite well – I just needed width.

So, I ended up with the original pieces with extra length added on. They went together fine and I figured I was on a roll. I added some width to the back pieces as well and then turned it into a bodice – yay! The only thing I couldn’t work out was a strange pointy thing where the centre bodice seams met – it stuck waay out… very very very strange. I looked it up online and couldn’t find anything like it elsewhere.

But onwards and upwards. I added some width to the back of the skirt – cause the front strangely fit the adjusted bodice as is (go figure). I knew I had some extra room in the back of the bodice. But this is a learning project and I AM learning. By late last night I had it roughly together, ready to fit I thought. Til I figured out I have an extra 14cm of fabric in the back of the bodice. And that the weird pointy bit was caused by one of the bodice pieces being sewn together upside down. Whoops.

So I spent the rest of last night unpicking most of what I have done. However before I did that I tried to see what it would look like on me finished – and I am very sad to say I don’t think this is gonna be a goer. I’m not the right body shape I fear. However, as annoyed as I was last night I think this dress is gorgeous and I am determined to keep trying. So its back to trial and error…. More updates before the end of Burda Sew Along May I promise!

In the meantime, a shot of my front room/drafting room!Scene of the ctime


5 thoughts on “May Means Burda Sew Along… Part 2

  1. Oh please don’t give up, I think you’d look great in that dress! What might help for Version 2.0 would be to write the pattern piece numbers and the name of each piece onto the calico in pen. Also I mark on the seam numbers too, they help you join everything up.

  2. I know it might feel a bit like cheating, but there is an online course on this dress on I’ve never tried it myself, but there are quite a few bloggers who have.

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