May means Burda Sew Along… Part 3

Time for another update…

Last time we caught up with our intrepid dress it looked like this….

hmmmm not so good.But fear not dear reader… things have moved on 🙂

I pulled it all to pieces. put the correct edges together (and found another one that had been matched wrongly as well!) to0k out the extra-extra width pieces I’d added, took out the pockets that made my hips look huge and sewed it all together again.

And guess what, it looks like a dress:

Its a dress!!Despite the fact I was wearing my gym gear which means my undergarments are not conducive to support, I think we might be onto a winner. Maybe. However it still needs some major help with the fit….

still a bit big next steps will be to head to a friends and fit it to me. I’m feeling much happier with this iteration.

There are some things to work on though:

  • the darts for the bodice aren’t in the right place, well one is, but the other isn’t
  • the skirt darts are not aligned. need to work on this
  • wondering if it needs a little bit more length?
  • for some odd reason, the front of the skirt which I didn’t make any adjustments is too big and doesn’t match the width of front bodice, which I have made wider. Weird!

But I am still enjoying this experiment and can’t wait to see how it looks next 🙂

So fellow Burda Sew Along folks, how are you are doing? I’m loving the photos on the Pinterest page. What challenges have you had, what successes? only one more week of May – scary huh!

In other news, I have many many many next projects planned. I met up with the fantastic girls from the Wellington Bloggers Network on the weekend and came away feeling really inspired. Can’t wait to get started. On everything. At the same time. Now!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “May means Burda Sew Along… Part 3

  1. It’s looking much better! I’m glad you picked it back up again and it was so awesome to meet you on the weekend! 🙂 You will find the only downside to our little group is constantly adding to your sewing list 😉 We’re always scheming and inspiring the next project, hehe

  2. Hi, I found your blog through the Burda sew-a-long. I’m making a coat (will need to blog about it), but I find the Burda some of the instructions quite difficult to follow. Luckily, I can google how to do certain things, like insert a collar with facing. Hope to have it done by Friday – end of the month!

    • Hi ya,
      Don’t you love the instructions! I sewed a top on the weekend (still to blog) and the instructions consisted of “sew the sides, put the sleeves in and hem”…. Ummm?

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