May means Burda Sew Along… Wrap up

gracious its the 31st May! Time for the wrap up of my Burda Sew Along experience.

After last weeks post I went over to a friend’s place last weekend who is a very experienced sewist (is that what we’re called?!). She helped me fit the muslin and in the end we needed to take 4cm off each side at the top of the bodice! Hmmm may have added a bit too much to the pattern huh!

On the way back home I popped into Pete’s Emporium to get some cheap fabric to make toile number two. I left with two metres of a polyester for $6 a metre. And I actually like it. I may make something easy out of it as I still have a bit left


So I made the changes to the muslin that we had marked, checked that it would do up 🙂 and then pulled it all apart and used the calico as pattern pieces for the next wearable muslin.

And today I have sewed it up (nothing like month end to get some pressure going huh!). I am pretty pleased with how it all went together. There are only two things I would need to correct on the final dress – the back darts are not quite in the right place and the seam point in the middle of the bodice still doesn’t lie flat. So what do you think?

ImageImageYeah, not really flattering for me huh… I have lumps in places this dress shouldn’t and no lumps in places where this dress should!

But this has been great fun. I managed to take a pattern that was too small in some places and adjusted it to fit me. I am pretty pleased with how the second dress all came together with the boning in the bodice and the cotton tape I used at the top of the bodice for strength. My mother will be pleased anyway as she thought this dress was far to cold to wear to a winter wedding – and I know you were right Mum! I had my doubts about this style from the beginning but it was def worth a shot.

So thanks to Kat and the Curious Kiwi for the challenge, its been great. I did manage to actually make something else from Burda this month, but its only a plain black top so you’ll have to wait til I match it with another piece as its a bit dull! Check out the Kiwi’s site for the others and their Burda successes – there are some gorgeous garments there 🙂

So onto June. I promise to have some outfits that aren’t Burda… I am about to start on my Charlotte skirt – can’t wait 🙂


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