Denim Bed Pillow/rest/leaner thing…

Hi all,

My latest project has been a step away from clothing. I had been wondering what I could make for the other half, Mr T (can’t be bothered typing Mr Thanks everytime I talk about him!). He and I have VERY different tastes so clothes were kinda out 🙂

He was patiently shopping walking through Spotlight with me one day and he discovered some bed rests which he thought were kinda cool. Then he said the fatal words “you could make me one huh?”

Well yes, yes I can Mr T. So the Bed Rest Thingee mission was born.

Firstly a pattern. I found one for free online, but reading the reviews they said it wasn’t the best pattern, so I had to buy one. Luckily the local fabric shop had a 50% off pattern sale, so McCall’s 6589 was mine – it was almost identical to the one in Spotlight – it even had pockets!!

the McCalls patternView A was what Mr T wanted. And of course he got to choose his own fabric. He was a bit dubios, but after channelling his inner Project-Runway-Contestant-At-Mood,  choose a soft-ish dark denim. I gotta tell you though, this is one massive fabric suck.

There is the outside layer (the denim) which is ALL interlined with polar fleece, which I found really odd. I decided to follow the pattern though so used it anyway. I assume the polar fleece is there to strengthen the outer layer, which was probably not needed for denim as it’s pretty thick anyway.

So that’s two lots of fabric, that make up the cover, but the cover isn’t just stuffed with padding. Ooh no! There is an inner cushion that is made up as well, and the stuffing goes in there. The cover closes with velcro, and the pattern also requires you to make your own piping – about 5 metres worth!

All in all, laying and cutting this out took a long long time – there was 17 different things that needed cutting out and I had to do it over three nights (damn you knees hurting when kneeling on the floor!), and I was a wee bit daunted with trying to fit it all together.

In the end though it was relatively easy. You put the cushion together first, which weirdly uses the exact same pattern pieces as the cover, without trimming, so makes a tight fit, and I found that great as it meant I could try out the somewhat complex tasks of making and sewing together the arms without worrying about what it would look like as nobody would see it 🙂 Phew!

After that the rest of it come together well. I made my first piping, which I am pretty proud of, and it looks pretty good I must say. Well other than the velcro being sewn on the wrong side, but we won’t tell Mr T about that will we.

In comparison to the Spotlight version, mine is bigger and is much much firmer (I didn’t skimp on the stuffing) so should last a bit longer I imagine. And I have to say it is pretty comfortable – not saying I would make one for myself, but I have already borrowed his!

So onto photos… Firstly Mr T in all his lounging glory, then some detailed pics.

all comfy watching the telly...

all comfy watching the telly…

POCKETS!!!!!!! the bed rest thingee Check out my piping!!!


11 thoughts on “Denim Bed Pillow/rest/leaner thing…

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  2. I can’t buy the pattern in my country but I really want this pillow. Can you write me please, how you did it? The measurements and stuff? Thank you so much !

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  4. I have this pattern and was wondering if I really need to do the fleece part, as I too am using a heavy fabric for the cover. Any suggestions?!! Thanks

    • hi there, its been a while since I made this and I can’t recall how much I used to fill. I did use regular, polyester stuffing though – just the cheap stuff.

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