Kiwi Kushions!

Wow… been a busy few weeks 🙂 I’ve finished a few items – a red version of the bed rest for my Grand Mother’s birthday next week, my first Cake pattern that will be blogged soon, promise!! and I’ve finally turned a cross stitch I finished earlier this year into a cushion. Introducing my latest addition to my front room – The Fantail cushion…

Fantail Cushion

The Fantail is a New Zealand native bird – in the real world they look like this…

fantail in the wildThe cushion kit comes from a New Zealand company The Stitchsmith. I love their patterns, love love love and this is the third cushion I’ve done, with more planned. The curved shape in the pattern that makes up the wings is the koru – the shape the growing NZ native Silver fern makes as it grows.

koruMaking up the cushion is super easy. I cut some batting to go behind the aida, and because the aida is black and the batting white, I cut some black fabric to go between so you couldn’t see the white through the holes. I basted the three layers together, then cut out the backing fabric. I sewed them together, leaving a big gap for stuffing. Once the cushion insert was through the hole I hand stitched the cushion closed.

Previously I’ve trimmed the edges of fur to make it easier to sew. I didn’t bother this time and though it was a bit messier, with fur tufts all other the place, it came together fine.

Cushions are easy to make, and are a great way to update the look of a room. The only thing I find when making my own is that the quality of cushion inserts isn’t that good here in NZ. I searched high and low when I put the first of these cushions together and couldn’t find anything that would stay “fluffy”.

Case in point – this is the Fantail cushion next to the first one I finished about 18 months ago. It sits on a chair that isn’t used very often and is still as flat as a pancake 😦 Ah well I’ll keep trying. Maybe I just need to replace the insert more regularly?

big and little

Still, they look great and I get lots of comments on the NZ map. Now it has a friend…

Old and new

Til next time lovelies!



7 thoughts on “Kiwi Kushions!

  1. These are adorable! I love when the fantails come around, they are my favourite (actually all our NZ birds are my favourite!) I really need to add some cute native birdies to my list of cross stitch projects 🙂 and these are perfect, kitschy but not tacky.

  2. I love these! So beautifully graphic, I love the white on black. Do you still have the chart? This would look great on all sorts of things! My cross stitch is sadly neglected at the moment. Not enough time to do all the crafts!

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