A Messy Creative type….

hi all,

I have been super busy and have several items to blog – on another day!

In the meantime this will be a quick post about how I do things. Namely the messes I make mid-project.

I admire sewers that keep everything tidy as they work. While I am making something my sewing room looks like this…

total chaos!

total chaos!

One corner of the disaster zone...

One corner of the disaster zone…

I can find things... noone else could!!!! The dark spots on the carpet are excess threads... time to vacuum!

I can find things… noone else could!!!!
The dark spots on the carpet are excess threads… time to vacuum!

I do try and clear up completely between projects – will post a photo tomorrow on what it looks like when its tidy…

What about you folks, do you operate tidy workroom – and if so, how?????!!!! In case you’re wondering the kitchen kinda looks like this when I am done too….

talk to you really soon with an actual garment – promise!


12 thoughts on “A Messy Creative type….

  1. I appreciate seeing these very real photos of your work space. I have many friends in real life who sew, and I think this is a very accurate depiction of what most of our workspaces look like. Ha ha. I don’t know how some people can keep their areas so spotless. I found you in the list of participants in The Sew Weekly Reunion. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your project!

    • I just use the “I’m creative, I don’t have time for being tidy” excuse!
      I love your circuit fabric – its very cool!
      My fabric for The Sew Weekly reunion is drying on the rack. Almost time to get going πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see them all!

      • That’s my excuse too! The reunion challenge is my first one, so I’m very excited to see all of the finished projects! I’ve got my pattern ready, and I’m going to be stitching my mock-up today. πŸ™‚

  2. Haha, I wish I could say my space ever got tidy. I’m terrible like that! Especially when cutting, it’s chaos. Scraps are tossed on the floor. Little by little I’m gaining some slight improvements though.
    Yours doesn’t look bad by my standards! :p

  3. My sewing room is messier than that and I have cleaned it up a little. I Love now you have the pattern instructions pinned behind your machine. I never know where to put them so most of the time they get dropped to the floor and ignored.

    • I’ve only just started doing it and its one of the best ideas I’ve ever had! I just tape the corners so they don’t rip and blu tack them to the wall – so much easier…\

  4. I only have a small corner of our living room as my “sewing room” and I try to keep it clean, I really do – but its usually a disaster πŸ˜› Actually looking at this made me realise I REALLY need to vacuum up ALL that lose thread!

  5. My sewing area is along one wall of my lounge and I screen it off when I’m not using it so I need to keep it tidy when I’m sewing, but I don’t! Ha ha, I just take over half the lounge and the entire dining table and leave it like that for weeks. Oh the joy of not living with a partner, my poor daughter, hee hee

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