Challenges everywhere I turn!

There’s plenty going on in the blogosphere at the moment. I’m in the middle of a couple of challenges.

Firstly The Monthly Stitch. A group of talented ladies set this up and it will have monthly themes to sew along with and share. The first months theme is Capes, and September’s theme will be Vintage.

Now I have to be honest and say when this month’s challenge was announced I wasn’t the least bit interested. I have so many things on my list to make and a cape wasn’t on it. I couldn’t see where I’d wear it so I just thought I’d join in next month. But after a few posts extolling the virtues of the cape designs that are out there I got sucked into thinking maybe… and then on Sunday I found my fabric and I was sold! I shall be making the Peppermint Magazine Capelet in Burgandy fur. Hmmm. Mr T is not impressed to be honest. He assures me its the colour he’s not too fond of, but to be honest as soon as I stroked this fur fabric I was sold. It is just glorious, so soft and luscious. I brought it straight away and I haven’t stopped stroking it yet!! (The cats are fans too).



The other challenge for this month is the Sew Weekly Reunion. Being new to blogging I hadn’t come across this group before, but after a pause in their challenges, the ladies have come back for a reunion. Those of us who are sewing along have til the 1st September to upload a photo of our new outfits based on the theme. Which is an interesting one – the Pantone Fashion Colors of Fall 2013. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a seasonal Pantone guide, but there you go.

pantonecolorsfall20131 So we base our garments on the colours and see what everyone else comes up with – love this idea! I am thinking a burgundy skirt and either a grey or blue top of some sort… and maybe a burgandy capelet to finish it off!

Who else is sewing along for a challenge this month? What are you up to? How is it all going…?


6 thoughts on “Challenges everywhere I turn!

  1. I am part of the sew weekly renunion. I too had no idea there were pantone colors! And for September joined the vintage cotton challenge. I find challenges a motivation.

    • I went down to Spotlight the other day to try and get a grey or a blue for my top to make – I found lots that would go with my fabrics but none in the Pantone colours. Guess I’ll have to try other stores!! 😉

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