So I made a bag…

hi all!

Firstly my apologies for being slack on my postings. While I haven’t lost my sew-jo, I have kinda lost my blog-jo. I’m super busy and photographing me, wearing things I have made, just hasn’t been floating my boat lately. Poos.

But I did whip something up this weekend – the Amy Butler Blossom Bag (its a free pattern – check it out!!).

Blossom BagIts made from quilting cotton and is a smallish handbag. It’s long but quite narrow so won’t do me for a regular bag – I’m a bit of a kitchen sink type gal!

But I’m super in love with this. And check out the internal fabric… Its one of my favorites ever.

pretty paisley!

pretty paisley!

This pattern was pretty easy to put together, though it took many many pieces! Each of the internal dividers takes 4 pieces of fabric, 2 panels of peltex (which I didn’t have so just used a thick, thick interfacing) and 2 pieces of interfacing – quite a bit of cutting out!

It didn’t all come together smoothly. It all ended up very thick and sewing round the ends of the bag was super fiddly. I also managed to sew the handles on wrong and only realised it at the very very end. But with a quick McGyver-ing I cut the handles in half and sewed it all back together again 🙂

So this is my first bag – and my next bag pattern arrived today… The Camp Stitchalot Craft bag… its officially on the list!

one more on the list...

From the side...

From the side…

My bag

A surprise inside!

A surprise inside!


8 thoughts on “So I made a bag…

    • Thanks:) I fell in love with the fabric and wasn’t completely sure the paisley worked with the outer, but am stoked with how it looks!
      And it’s on its first outing today and holds much more than I thought it would – win!

    • I managed to find the free pattern before I brought the book! But I may also buy the book… Though I really want to make her Weekender bag, which is a separate pattern…. So many choices!!

  1. I LOVE the shell fabric, so pretty! I have been in a photography slump too, just not into taking pictures right now. I had two things to photograph this weekend but procrastinated in my garden instead, oops 😉

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