Short and sweet

Homespun Magazine

A few weeks ago I picked up the latest Homespun magazine and liked the look of the dolls on the front cover.

They were designed to be a doll for a kidlet but I came up with a tricksy idea and decided to enlarge the pattern and turn it into a door stop…

So I doubled the size of the pattern on the photocopier and put it all together without glancing at the instructions. Not once!


I put it all together and took a look at her and was not impressed. She had a weird alien egg shaped head, that was as big as her body… not a good look. Mr T took one laugh and burst out laughing.

Not to be outdone I unpicked her – all of her, trimmed some excess of the head and, again ignoring the instructions, put her back together, this time with mostly better results.

Et voila…  the finished door stop. She’s about 25cm high and has lots of rice at the bottom to keep her standing. Now to wrap her up as a birthday present….




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