Happy Birthday Mum!

This year, for mum’s birthday I decided to make her something… But what….

Mum is a sometimes sewer from way back and I had seen this little character as a Craftsy project, The Owl You Need sewing buddy and thought it would be perfect…

Happy Birthday Mum

(check out my Ma’s old Bernina… over 40 years old and went in for its first service last year! )

Given that this is a small-ish make, it is a little fiddly but it was made out of fabric left-overs from my first quilt which as well as being an appallingly cheap present, also made it a little bit more special.

I stuffed him with stuffing, but put popcorn in the bottom to help him stand up (not rice in the house that day). And mum loved him! (I can always tell as she tells everyone about it…)

I think this guy is super cute and not too complicated to make up. That’s two presents I’ve made this year – I’m on a roll….

I'm ready for my close-up


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