Easy Peasy

Phew. Its been a while huh. I am in rehearsals for my third show of the year at the moment which isn’t on til the end of October… busy busy! Its been a busy year with all the shows.

But in the midst of this I have managed to get a few things made. And photographed! (Yay its officially spring here in little New Zealand!!)

First up is my striped maxi skirt… I was at one of the (waay too many) fabric sales we’ve had in town and saw this plain grey and black striped knit. It screamed to me that it wanted to be a maxi skirt. I’ve been  eyeing up the Gabriola skirt from Sewaholic but it was a bit more complex than I needed for this one.

So instead I searched the interweb (while still in the shop) and came across this tutorial from the Do It Yourself Divas to draft your own. So after spending a massive $7 on fabric I raced straight home, washed it and put it straight in the dryer (shush, I figured that’s how this will probably be dried anyway!). After impatiently waiting to be able to cut it (where I think I looked something like this) I sat down and started this thing.

I cannot remember the last time I was so keen for something I got started on it straight away. Let alone finished it the same day I thought of it. I’m pretty passionate about the things I want to do but there are JUST SO MANY THINGS!! This is a list I jotted down the other day of things I have planned – and there’s a heap missing…

But back to the skirt. The instructions are great. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was that you cut the fabric off your waist measurement. The waistband is meant to be cut the same as your measurements and for a pattern intended for knits this seemed a bit weird. In the end I cut the waistband 1” shorter and stuck to the instructions the rest of the way.

After I cut this (which took about 10 minutes) I must have sewed it up in 30 minutes max. So easy but it looks great… After I wore this skirt for the first time I went straight back to the sewing machine and took about 6” off the waist band as it was indeed too too big. But its an easy fix so not a biggie!


casual Sunday garb…

Despite the simplicity, this skirt isn’t perfect. I sewed the waistband on the wrong way, I didn’t stripe match and the hemming is so so so so bad I refuse to show you… but it’s a casual, laid back skirt that looks great. I get heaps of comments when I wear it. I was out with some of my friends the other day when it was commented on and immediately I started with “oh thanks, but the hem is really terrible and….” Then a friend pointed out nobody was looking at the hem (there wasn’t another sewer in the group, could you tell!). One day I might fix it, but this was a super quick project so I’ll probably leave it. And do it better next time because that is already planned and the fabric is washed and sitting there….

So to round up… some pics from a sunny Sunday…


no stripe matching here… despite how it may look!



yay stretch fabric


squinting and trying to fit hand in teeny pocket all at the same time – always a good look!


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