The Great WSBN sewing room tour – my turn

A wee while ago Gemma from Sixty Six Stitches challenged the rest of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network (WSBN) to a Jump into Spring type challenge. Yes it is spring here in Wellington and I want to make lots and lots of dresses (which will be handy next month for The Monthly Stitch’s Frocktober!). The challenge was to get those of us who had been hibernating out of the rut, and to get things up and firing. With nearly 30 members in the Network each day in September one of us would show off their sewing room, our WIP, whats next and some views of Wellington and why we love it. Holly went yesterday and now, on the 10th Day its my turn!

There has been a bit of chat on our Facebook page about how we all needed to tidy our sewing spaces, countered by maybe we didn’t have to – its good to see reality and know we’re not the only messy creative type! To be completely frank my sewing room has been a complete bomb site with a whole pile of things from other rooms being stored there. So I decided to show a bit of both. Some pics before I tidied (sorry Mum!)

Just a peek through the door...
Just a peek through the door…

And then after I tidied! Which will form the actual sewing room tour. Course this isn’t the first time I’ve had a before and after tour, I tell it like it is!

So lets start againno mess….I am lucky enough to have a room all to myself. Mr T has a tiny little cupboard for his man cave and I have AAALLL this space. Mind you its also my study and my music room! 

This is one side of the room. From the right we have the cupboard of “stuff”. The only interesting thing in this cupboard is in the bottom cupboard. It contains programmes from all the shows I’ve seen the last 15 years. I can’t stop myself buying them!

The blue box under the desk has all my sheet music – there’s lots and lots in there!

On the desk is Albert my trusty grey mouse, and my sewing machine (which has been behaving itself lately). The ugly plastic drawers have patterns (3 drawers worth) and cross stitch supplies. The computer screen is a recent upgrade (thanks Mr T) so I can watch telly while I work – current programme of choice is Masterchef.

The cupboard on the left has Burda magazines on the top shelf (I can’t stop buying them either) and sewing and cross stitch patterns on the second shelf (at least I’ve reduced the amount of those I buy!) The rest of this cupboard has mending, “stuff” and patterns that don’t fit in the drawers (I think I am developing a problem).

The other side of IMG_3595the room. On the wall are posters of the shows I’ve been in – including my pride and joy the big white poster – I’m actually on that one! 

My dress makers dummy has never actually been used. Oops. I need to alter it to my size, but that’s on my “to do” list. One day. My cutting table is the old coffee table my preciousfrom the living room and though low works perfectly with a grey storage box I use for a stool (can you spot it in the other photos?). The lamp is one of my prized possessions. It belonged to my grandmother, and is intricately carved. The lamp shade is made of silk and is very dirty, delicate and slightly damaged. I haven’t really tried to clean it, but I might one day. Check out the detail of this thing – so beautiful. 

Right backso many pretties when I started this blog I shared my guilty secret – my fabric stash was teeny weeny. Its ok, I’ve rectified that.

I now have plenty of fabric. And then some (the cupboard is bigger than it looks). This cupboard I got super cheap off an auction, and now its not big enough. You can’t really see it but to the right of the cupboard is a rack of more fabric that all needs to be washed… I think I need to start sewing things again what do you think? The wicker chair you can see at the side does NOT fit in my room at all, but I love it and I have nowhere else in the house to put it. It used to belong to my Great Aunt and makes a great storer for “stuff”.

There is so much fabric in there, and I adore almost every single piece. I think that’s why I’ve not started any of the muslin’s I need to make cause I don’t want to lose any of it… I probably need to get over that though.

Lastly there is the wardrobe. The door is covered in favourite photos and inside… you guessed it, more storage.

InsideIMG_3592 the IMG_3585 wardrobe are sewing books (not to be confused with the sewing magazines elsewhere) and most of my notions. These fit in two plastic drawer sets (which are clearly labelled. See I CAN be organised) while all my threads are colour coded in glass jars. 




While I was sorting my room I pulled out a couple of my favourite pieces of fabric. 

Thiscan you spot the weirdness? looks like normal blue fabric til you look closer. Is that a tardis that I spy? Is that a sonic screwdriver? And K-9? Yep this is my homage to Dr Who geekness. This one is thanks to Spoonflower.



My other piece othis will be something special one day...f featured fabric is very special. My (now late) Gran brought this fabric for me when I was in my early teens. I remember picking this out at the fabric shop with her and Mum, and how Mum thought this was far to grown up for a girl my age. We never made anything from it and it now sitting in my stash waiting for something special. Its a super fine chiffon, and it will be a lovely flowy dress. One day…

So what’s up next on my to sew? I am finally going to make my Elisalex (hopefully wearable) muslin out of this yellow daisy cotton, and then I want to tackle Victory’s Nicola from this silk icat.

next on the list IMG_3596 

Whew, I have a lot to say. I’ll leave you (for now) with a pic of home town as a love it – bright and vibrant.I love this place. Its so beautiful, compact and gives me a great lifestyle. The theatre scene here is thriving and that gives me the opportunity to do what I love. This place is awesome. 

Thanks for taking a tour with me. Don’t forget to read the other blogs (you should be able to follow through from Gemma’s post) and check out Nina’s post tomorrow.




  1. I’m loving this tour series – it’s rather nice to see I’m not the only one with a somewhat chaotic craft space! 😉

    That lamp from your grandmother is truly amazing!

  2. Ooh, you and I should have a silk-Nicola-dress sewalong this year. I love finding out about other people’s other hobbies too – your sheet music and posters, and Nikki’s cello – but I am also worried that something brown and furry DIED in your room in the second photo!

    • Hee hee – a sewalong would at least make sure I made it!
      Nothing died, it’s left over purple teddy bear fabric 🙂
      I’m loving seeing how everyone sets up their spaces so differently 🙂 so much fun

  3. I may just have some of that Tardis fabric too and a little birdie whispers that in December there might just happen to be a challenge planned that will suit it…I am pleased to read that your stash is now on track to greatness, perhaps the WSBN can take some credit for this? 😉 and that lamp! Thank you for the tour, this idea is so much fun!

  4. My oldest programme goes back over 20 years I think! And I buy them every show almost without fail too! Love show programmes.

    And I love love love your Dr Who fabric! Of course.

    And I love that “are you happy” poster, I keep meaning to print a copy out for myself, but I can always find it in my blog if I need it.

    What a wonderful space, and I feel proud to be part of the stash enabling you’ve experienced! 🙂

    • my oldest programme is about the same age I think! I used to have programmes for all the shows I did, but I lost the old ones 😦
      I’ve just had a peek and the other Dr Who fabric I saw was back in stock – I might have to buy some more… oops!
      I have the happy poster at work – and Holly has it too!
      I have this theory that if its not my fault that stash is so big then there’s no reason it can’t get bigger…. 🙂

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