But its PINK!!

“But its pink” Said Mr T.

“Yep” I replied

“Bright pink” Said Mr T.

“It is” I confirmed.

“And you’re going to make a hoodie. A hoodie” Confirmed Mr T.

“I am” I nodded.



Mr T has this (slightly irrational) hatred of hoodies. Much to his frustration if I get a sweatshirt it almost always has a hood. I am the source of much frustration for the poor guy!

I had seen the Jamie Christina Sol hoodie a while back and when I saw this pink sweat shirting it called to me. Which was weird as I don’t like pink… I have no pink in my wardrobe but once upon a time someone said that I look good in pink and I figured this might work. After all its not completely pink…

Mr T did not approve. Oh well!

I figured that, with the sol hoodie having bands down the zip, I could use a solid pink to tone the end product down. Writing that dIMG_3663own it was an assumption that make s no sense, but it was totally logical in my head!

I used matching quilting cotton for the bands (and the ones  around the hood) and pink rib for the inside of the hood. I wanted a metal zip for this, but couldn’t find one long enough so white it was.

I was a bit nervous to make this us up. It was a stretch. It was thick fabric. It had thumbs holes in the sleeves! Eep… But in the end it was really easy. The instructions were really clear (and I mostly followed them) and it came together pretty fast. The only bit I struggled with was sewing the zip through the thickness.

its... pink...

This hoodie has been in regular rotation since I finished it up and I really like it. The only difference I will make next time I make is make the sleeves  a smidge longer. And as for Mr T, he decreed that the end result “wasn’t as bad” as he thought it would be. I even get to be seen in public with him when I wear it!


11 thoughts on “But its PINK!!

  1. Love it! I think the solid pink makes the top really pop. I have this pattern sitting in my stash waiting to be made up, so it’s good to know it’s not a hard make.

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