I’m back!

Hey there all you guys!

Happy holidays…. here’s to an awesome 2015 (wow 2015!!) and sorry for all the other events I’ve missed in my blogging break. 2014 was crazy busy with me doing three shows (two back to back!). I love theater, I love performing and I love the opportunities that I to perform, but man it takes up time!

So my last show wrapped up the end of November, and though I haven’t been blogging I jumped straight into my sewing room. I had to, it was a week til my brothers birthday and I was meant to make him pajama pants. Nothing complicated but it got me back on the horse.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos before I gifted them. Bad blogger. They were super cute though, trust me! My brothers internet handle is a fox and I saw this fox fabric from Girl Charlee while internet surfing and knew I had to have it! Making a t-shirt was not going to fit in the time that I had, so I searched the city and found a plain t that matched, got my bro’s internet handle embroidered on the Foxessleeve in a matching orange and I was sorted. Happy Birthday little brother!

At about the same time Kat from Muse Patterns (and one of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers) sent out a message looking for testers for her new knit pattern the Natalie dress. Now, admission time. I’ve never made a dress for myself (that I remember anyway). I love dresses, they’re so pretty and if you check out either my pinterest or my scarily growing pattern collection you will see I have dress ideas to fill from now til the cows come home. But actual dresses, scare me. I hardly wear any in real life, and I’ve never successfully made one. I think its a fit thing, I’m thick waisted, so the middle of me is always several sizes above the rest of the pattern and I’m not that good at adapting patterns to fit me. I’m working on it…

If you read my next to last post I advised you all my next make was going to be the Nicola Dress. Oops. well they start with the same letter, so thats not too bad, huh?!

But I was intrigued by Kat’s dress and keen to be part of it. The blogosphere talks about the ease of making and wearing knit dresses. I on the other hand have not worn a knit dress in my adult life – I was scared they would cling in all the wrong places so I’ve never even tried them on (wow sometimes I astound myself with my weird, situation specific, chicken-ness!). But I figured if this didn’t work out, nobody had to know!

Natalie can be made as knee length, maxi length and as a top, with different lengths of sleeves. Its a PDF pattern, and this thing taped together like a dream – it all lined up and all worked beautifully. I decided to make a knee length with 3/4 sleeves.

For a girl who was afraid of clinginess I totally picked the wrong fabric. Colour – stunning, thickness – thin thin thin. And not only is it clingy its also harder to sew. So any imperfections are totally my sewing, not Kat’s great pattern. So… check her out!

Natalie- in blue   modest and artistic looking

tiny little belt!The dress has gathers round the bust and the waist (the later are optional) and the belt is optional as well. I only made the belt half the standard length so there would be less for me to catch things on (any reduction for potential clumsiness is a good reduction, trust me).

Look at all those lines across the back (and on some of the other photos). They’re not there in real life I promise. I blame the wind on the day we took photos, combined with poses that may have not been the best for the dress. But by the time I saw them I was back in the car and it was raining!

I found this dress easy to put together, instructions were great. I love this colour – I originally brought the fabric to make a top (or two) but this was a much better choice. I got this dress in in less than 2 mtrs as well so I have some fabric left – win! As for clinginess, yep a bit but it looks great. And I tend to wear a slip under it too.

The first time I wore this dress to work I got lots of comments. And a couple of requests to make one for others… hmmm… Actual clothes for others? Thats in the scary bin too.

I had a great win on TradeMe a week ago ( NZ’s version of Ebay) and scored a massive pile of fabric for $20 (plus the petrol it took Mr T and I to drive 90 minutes each way there and back!). Included was some great stuff and some knits – so there’s another Natalie or two in the pipeline. Along with a WHOLE lot more…

Hope the holidays have been great for each of you and you got to spend some with people who make you smile and feel loved. That’s what I think is the best part of this time of the year after all.

Thanks to the unknown people who let me use their kids school bus stop for photos! See ya later



  1. Yikes, how did I miss seeing this!?! Love how the Natalie looks on you! (Can I add it to the ‘Made By You’ page on the Muse site?)

    Also, that foxes fabric is super cute! Hope you saved some for yourself as well? 😉

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