Using my most popular post…

I am currently sitting on my couch, where I have been since late last week when I had minor surgery on my toes. I have weird and wonderful big toes (or “great toes” as they are apparently officially called) which are all crooked and that combined with wide toenails gave me pain.

So after putting it off for a long time, I finally booked in to get them done and sat back and experienced this simple surgery get bigger and bigger. Long story short last Thursday I went into hospital and had full surgery on my feet. It really was a minor surgery (honest) but I came to with feet looking like this. Eep!

My feet are under there somewhere...

It all went well, and is healing fine, but its meant several days spent mostly on the couch with those toes elevated. As soon as I came home Mr C had a suggestion… the denim bed rest thing!the bed rest thingee In the weird way that this internet goes, the post about this bed rest thing is my most popular post. BY FAR. People read this post everyday… and we never use it. Mr C, who requested it, has never used it. However after using it for the last several days I can attest it is quite comfy and does it job quite well 🙂

I figure its just well I made it – what would I have done without it huh?? huh???


3 thoughts on “Using my most popular post…

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