Some mail… exciting mail…

you guys today I came home to a pretty exciting envelope… wanna see it?

ok, its the back of the envelope but you get the idea....

ok, its the back of the envelope but you get the idea….

Its not just the fact its mail that’s exciting – though mail when its not bills is exciting. Its not just because its pattern mail… its where this mail comes from!

The organisers of Rigel Bomber January each got to pick their favourite bomber jacket and guess what… Kat from Modern Vintage Cupcakes choose mine!!!!!

yep this one...

yep this one…

There may have been a bit of squealing when I found out. Even if it was quiet and subdued squealing as I was in the office. I was pretty excited! And kinda proud.

For being picked I got to choose a free Papercut pattern and I knew exactly the one I wanted. I saw a jacket a woman was wearing in town the other day and I had to have it, and the Bellatrix pattern was perfect. So this blazer will soon (promise!) be made in this, awesome, bright orange cotton (sorry Mr T, a bit bright for you I know!).

pretty prettywon't lost me in a show storm...

 A huge and grateful thanks to Kat for picking me! Shucks! Check out the round up posts for the sew-along. Kat, Mel and Sonja each have a round up post – there’s a whole heap of inspiration there…


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