Me-Made-May update 1

So the month started pretty well really – Here we are day 8 of Me-Made-May and I’ve got photos for every day! Unfortunately none of them involve exciting or creative photography! I’ll try harder next week…

Day 1 – Friday

Casual Friday at the office. Wearing my first blogged item my Orange A-line skirtDay 1

Day 2 – Saturday

Off to High tea with the girls. Wearing a (as yet unblogged) green burdastyle singlet

Day 2

Day 3 – Sunday

Spent the day racing around doing “stuff” and preparing Sunday dinner for family. Late night photo in my pink Sol Hoodie

Day 3

Day 4 – Monday

Home sick with the dreaded lurgy… no way I was being photographed today so you get my unblogged robot pj’s instead!

  Day 4

 Day 5 – Tuesday

Another day home sick, this time I put on my bright renfrew muslin to try and cheer myself up for a trip to the pharmacy. (yes this one is unblogged too).

Day 5

Day 6 – Wednesday

Back to work in my blue Muse Natalie dressDay 6

Day 7 – Thursday

TERRIBLE weather so I snuggled up in my Seamwork Oslo – another muslin that turned out ok. It’s 100% wool and I still wasn’t feeling too great so comfort above elegance it was.

Day 7

Day 8 – Friday

Back in my pink Sol Hoodie. Roll on the weekend!Day 8So, we made it through week one. What did I learn?

  • wearing me made clothes every day isn’t too hard!
  • I need to clean my mirror
  • I also need to clean my room… oops!

Hope you lovelies are having a great month! Catch you next week! xxxx


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