Me Made May – Update 2

hey world

So I missed last weeks progress post… I had a good reason… my laptop is in the shop (luckily Mr T works in IT and has a spare… or two…) And Mr T and I threw a party last weekend for our engagement… yep we’re engaged! There will be lots of wedding related makes in the lead up to the big date next March I assure you, so I’ll keep it light on wedding words for now!

There are a couple of missing photos… sorry… and many doubles ups in this post but here you go….

Day 9 – Sunday

Wearing my Hudson pants while starting the Groom’s suit shopping… very early… like months early… (spoiler alert.. we’re still looking!)

IMG_20150509_134528 (2)Day 10 – Monday

Monday was cold… though I look prepared for work I have sneakily outfitted myself in… polyprop leggings, boots, a wool skirt and a wool top. I made the top and the skirt. But I’ve blogged neither.

IMG_20150511_083940[1]Day 11- Tuesday

My BHL Victoria Blazer… this was made just before I stopped regularly blogging and never made it to the blog. I wear it a fair bit though….


Day 12 – Wednesday

Work again… My lace knit skirt… which I love and will be blogged here as soon as I get some good photos of it I promise!


Day 13, 14 and 15 no photos…

but I did wear me made, I promise… and its all clothes worn elsewhere this post…

Day 16 – Sunday

The day after The Party. Not hungover, but def tired. Spent the day at the bridal expo with my awesome Matron of Honor who was in from out of town and then the museum (Te Papa) with some friends who were flying home that afternoon. Wore my wool Seamwork Oslo.


Day 18 – Monday

Work day. Purple knit skirt. This one was a muslin for the to-be-blogged red lace skirt pattern. Worked out well me thinks. (The black wool above is the same pattern!)


Day  19 – Tuesday

My Watson jacket. Love love. Though I fear its a wee bit too big these days. Sad panda. That must be the reason for my sad face. That or the fact I was off to work.


Day 20 – Wednesday… no photo. Sigh.

Day 21 – Thursday

Off to see a show. Wearing my Papercut Rigel bomber


Day 22 – Friday.

This was a fail day. I had casual Friday at work but a meeting at lunchtime that casual Friday wouldn’t work for, then went to the gym after work. So three outfits went to work with me and nothing was home made!!!

Day 23 – Saturday

Action shot. Played chauffeur for my brother and got a shot of my original orange skirt


Day 24 – Sunday (today! phew)

My burdastyle red sweatshirt covered me for brunching, gardening and napping!


And we are up to date. Hope you’re having a great month xx


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