Look – I made a couple of things!

hello faithful readers… hasn’t it been a while!

Life had gotten away from me and Mr T and I have had a few major life changes, but I am determined to get back into documenting my makes this year – so here we are. Its nice to be back 🙂

I’ve got a couple of makes to boast about…  Firstly, check out this gorgeous mobile I made:


This is the Woodland Mobile from LittleSoftieShop and is one of my favorite makes ever – which is saying something. You see, despite loving doing cross stitch, I HATE hand sewing.


After some thought I’ve realised that this hatred is due to hand stitching’s tendancy to be free form – unlike those little squares on aida the only way I can get the stitches the same size is through practice, A LOT of practice and I don’t really have any patience 🙂 This lack of perfection and the amount of time hand stitching takes means its usually a No-Go for me.

So it was with trepidation I started this pattern, unsure if I was ever going to finish it. But, here’s a secret, little felt pieces are quick to make AND don’t need to be perfect – excellent!


Each of these guys took about an hour and I was halfway through when my Grandmother asked if I was putting bells in them for extra entertainment – Nope, rats. So, half the critters and one of the logs have bells in them. (*Spoiler alert, bells and stuffing don’t mix the best, the bells don’t jingle as much as kinda thud in a jingle-ey way.)

The other change I made was to the bear. His pattern didn’t have any legs and I didn’t think it looked right, so I gave the fella legs. And a tail…


I am so pleased with this make – the pattern was great and instructions easy. Even the “hanging” of the mobile only took me about 25 minutes.


Of course, with the creation of a Baby mobile, you need someone to appreciate it. By far the biggest change since my last post,  was the arrival of Master T, who also is my favourite make, hands down!


(Thanks to Charlie Horse photography for this great pic)

Two months old and this kid has taken over our lives and his Dad and I are completely smitten! So far, other than his awesome mobile, he hasn’t got any other Mum-made makes, but they are planned… along with a number of makes for me!

There’s more to come, but for now from the T family, have a great week




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