Sparkly Rigel Bomber

I wasn’t going to get involved in this sew-along. Ginger Makes, along with Mel at The Curious Kiwi and Kat at Modern Vintage Cupcakes decided that the Papercut Rigel Bomber was something they needed to make and did anyone want to make it along with them? and so RigelBomberJanuary was born.

I figured I am currently mid-rehearsal (again) and don’t need anything extra in my life at the moment. I didn’t have anything in my stash that seemed right for this and I didn’t have the pattern, so I couldn’t make it anyway. Then Mel posted some inspiration photos. Pretty!And I saw this one on the left and I was hooked. I tried to ignore the call of this siren but a week later it was still sitting in my head, a fabric sale started and I just had to give in.

Sequin fabric is expensive! Especially considering you also need to underline it.My pretty.... I headed to the Fabric Store sale and hummed and haaaed over what one to get. I ended up with this one (which is more black than it looks in this photo) for only $29 a metre (less 40% because of the sale!). It had the look I liked the best, but I don’t think its going to be the most robust sequined fabric I could get to be honest. I don’t know if the others would be less likely to shed sequins, but its something to learn if I ever sew with sequins again.

I got some black acetate to underline, which had a nice solid hand to it. I traced and cut out a size Large for this jacket (which is the size I made for my other Papercut pattern), which given I had main fabric, and underlining, and interfacing and rib took its time. Then I needed to baste the sequins to the underlining. I just used the acetate for the facing of the jacket, and decided not to line the jacket given there were already double layers of fabric (though Kat has done a great tutorial on adding lining here).

This counts as hand sewing right?

You can just see the hand basting at the end of these sleeve pieces….

Previously whenever I’ve underlined anything I’ve machine basted the pieces together, but this time as I wanted to make sure all the pieces were flat and there wasn’t any bunching (which is what I’ve had before) I hand basted it with the pieces sitting against my cutting table. It took time but I was much happier with being able to manipulate the fabric as I went so I think I’ll keep hand basting up. I’m yet to work out the best time to take out these basting stitches before they get caught up in the garment construction – any ideas on this? At what stage to you folks take basting stitches out? I also learned that you should use a new piece of cotton for each line of the pattern then you can take all the other basting stitches out and still leave the hems etc basted.

The construction of this jacket is really easy, though the first thing you do it welt pockets (first time for me!). Weirdly enough cutting into the middle of the jacket front to make the pocket itself filled me with terror, which I don’t think it would have if it was later in the sewing process – I know, makes no sense, but there you have it. But that was the only thing I struggled with. Though I did do a lot of top stitching to get everything looking right.

I finished the seams and the facing with pre-made bias binding. Because a) you have to do something to hide those ugly seams if you don’t put lining in right? And b) you have to cover the sequins on the seams cause they’re all scratchy. Trust me.

In the end this is a locally made jacket. The fabric comes from one of our local (well Kiwi owned) stores The Fabric Store, the pattern is from Nelson, only a boat ride away and the metal zip (which I love) came from my local haberdashery Made On Marion. I don’t always manage to make it all from small, local companies but I try.


I’m really happy with this jacket – I like the way the ribbing and the style makes it more casual, and therefore more wearable. It’s actually too big – I think I could have gone down a size? And if so, that’s the first time I’ve ever had that problem! Also the sleeves are a smidge short… which, if I’d searched the interweb before cutting I would have known in advance (do your research kids). Its yet to have it first wear other than getting photos taken, but I’m sure it won’t be long. Who of you have made a Rigel – I have a suspicion there are more in my future? What else have you been sewing?IMG_4635IMG_4624IMG_4592

P.S… my denim bed thingee is still being used. Now I’m back up on my feet it was relegated back to its home on the spare bed. Normally that room isn’t used, but Sewing Cat George came off worse for wear after meeting a car last week. The poor thing has a broken pelvis 😦 He will be a-ok but is banished to a cage for 4 weeks. As the spare room is the coolest room in the house (and its currently summer) we’ve moved him down there, and Mr C and I have set the room up as an alternate front room for the next few weeks to keep him company. Which means the spare bed, and the denim bed thingee are doubling as a couch. Poor man....

While Sewing Cat George may LOOK miserable in his cage, he seems to be having the time of his life having discovered he can reach both his food bowls without leaving his bed! So far he’s been a pretty cool customer with the whole thing… so far…

Meanwhile Sewing Cat Samantha is ignoring him – looks like sewing cat duties are all her for the next month…


Using my most popular post…

I am currently sitting on my couch, where I have been since late last week when I had minor surgery on my toes. I have weird and wonderful big toes (or “great toes” as they are apparently officially called) which are all crooked and that combined with wide toenails gave me pain.

So after putting it off for a long time, I finally booked in to get them done and sat back and experienced this simple surgery get bigger and bigger. Long story short last Thursday I went into hospital and had full surgery on my feet. It really was a minor surgery (honest) but I came to with feet looking like this. Eep!

My feet are under there somewhere...

It all went well, and is healing fine, but its meant several days spent mostly on the couch with those toes elevated. As soon as I came home Mr C had a suggestion… the denim bed rest thing!the bed rest thingee In the weird way that this internet goes, the post about this bed rest thing is my most popular post. BY FAR. People read this post everyday… and we never use it. Mr C, who requested it, has never used it. However after using it for the last several days I can attest it is quite comfy and does it job quite well 🙂

I figure its just well I made it – what would I have done without it huh?? huh???

Wow… halfway through 2013

Hey Happy 1st July…

jeepers this year is racing past isn’t it. At the start of the year I had set myself the challenge of sewing 12 items in 2013. At the start of April when I started this blog I had made none. Oops.

BUT things have changed people, I am up to 7 items – over halfway!!

1) orange skirt

2) grey wool skirt

3) Watson jacket (finished!!!!)

4) my wearable muslin for the dress to wear to the wedding

5) the bed rest/leaner thing

6) black boat neck top (a bit boring so unblogged)

7) Forest friends quilt

AND I have just finished my By Hand London Charlotte skirt…  today so I’ve not blogged it yet. Soon dear reader soon.

So I think I’ve done pretty well so far. I’ve discovered the unbelievable support that is the world of Sewing Blogs, particularly the Wellington girls. I have almost doubled my fabric stash, AND my pattern stash. I can’t wait for the rest of the year, I have SOOO many things planned to make.

So thanks for reading  my blog all you lot. I really appreciate it! Hope you have a great creative and productive rest of 2013!

A big hug from me to youl!!!

A big hug from me to you!!!

Denim Bed Pillow/rest/leaner thing…

Hi all,

My latest project has been a step away from clothing. I had been wondering what I could make for the other half, Mr T (can’t be bothered typing Mr Thanks everytime I talk about him!). He and I have VERY different tastes so clothes were kinda out 🙂

He was patiently shopping walking through Spotlight with me one day and he discovered some bed rests which he thought were kinda cool. Then he said the fatal words “you could make me one huh?”

Well yes, yes I can Mr T. So the Bed Rest Thingee mission was born.

Firstly a pattern. I found one for free online, but reading the reviews they said it wasn’t the best pattern, so I had to buy one. Luckily the local fabric shop had a 50% off pattern sale, so McCall’s 6589 was mine – it was almost identical to the one in Spotlight – it even had pockets!!

the McCalls patternView A was what Mr T wanted. And of course he got to choose his own fabric. He was a bit dubios, but after channelling his inner Project-Runway-Contestant-At-Mood,  choose a soft-ish dark denim. I gotta tell you though, this is one massive fabric suck.

There is the outside layer (the denim) which is ALL interlined with polar fleece, which I found really odd. I decided to follow the pattern though so used it anyway. I assume the polar fleece is there to strengthen the outer layer, which was probably not needed for denim as it’s pretty thick anyway.

So that’s two lots of fabric, that make up the cover, but the cover isn’t just stuffed with padding. Ooh no! There is an inner cushion that is made up as well, and the stuffing goes in there. The cover closes with velcro, and the pattern also requires you to make your own piping – about 5 metres worth!

All in all, laying and cutting this out took a long long time – there was 17 different things that needed cutting out and I had to do it over three nights (damn you knees hurting when kneeling on the floor!), and I was a wee bit daunted with trying to fit it all together.

In the end though it was relatively easy. You put the cushion together first, which weirdly uses the exact same pattern pieces as the cover, without trimming, so makes a tight fit, and I found that great as it meant I could try out the somewhat complex tasks of making and sewing together the arms without worrying about what it would look like as nobody would see it 🙂 Phew!

After that the rest of it come together well. I made my first piping, which I am pretty proud of, and it looks pretty good I must say. Well other than the velcro being sewn on the wrong side, but we won’t tell Mr T about that will we.

In comparison to the Spotlight version, mine is bigger and is much much firmer (I didn’t skimp on the stuffing) so should last a bit longer I imagine. And I have to say it is pretty comfortable – not saying I would make one for myself, but I have already borrowed his!

So onto photos… Firstly Mr T in all his lounging glory, then some detailed pics.

all comfy watching the telly...

all comfy watching the telly…

POCKETS!!!!!!! the bed rest thingee Check out my piping!!!