Last month I was nominated for a Leibster Blog Award by The Sewprano. I was a bit surprised as my blog has been a bit…. well…. slack shall we say!


But check out The Sewprano’s blog – she’s an aussie, studying to be an opera singer, who makes the most amazing dresses for competitions/assessments, and costumes as well as all sorts of other crafting and even draws cartoons. She’s a hoot! Thank you so so much for the nom!

Liebster Blog Awards are designed to share the love of blogs with less than 500 followers. The instructions are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
3. Nominate 11 other followers with less than 500 followers
4. Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
5. Tag your nominees & post a comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them

So my questions are:

1) Cats or dogs? (or armadillos?)

Cats – no question at all… and with these two why wouldn’t you!!

ok.. this was a while ago, they don't like each other so much now...

2)  What was the last book you read? (graphic novels count)

I always have a least 4 books on the read at a time. I’ve almost finished re-reading the second Game of Thrones book and have just finished reading the Lonely Planet Thailand guide book.

3) Who is the best Doctor?  (non-Doctor Who fans, just give this one a miss.)

David Tennant. Hands down. But they’re all awesome. Except the first Dr – hes just scary…

4) What is your favourite global cuisine?

I’m a big fan of Chinese 🙂

5) Which is your favourite season?

Summer… sun, beaches, long evenings and BBQ’a

6)  In the inevitable zombie apocalypse, which five people would be on your dream survival team?

The Boss: Rick from the Walking Dead

The Medic: Dr Greene from ER

The cook: Jamie Oliver

The Fighter: Booth from Bones

The comedian: Olaf from Frozen

7) Whose shoes would you like to spend a day in?

Idina Menzel or Sutton Foster…. to perform on Broadway just once would be amazing…

8) Coffee or tea?  (or neither?)

tea tea tea

9) If you could gain instant proficiency at/afford any musical instrument (that you don’t already play, musos amongst you), what would you pick?

the piano… its still on my lists of things to do 🙂

10) Thoughts on David Bowie? (gosh I’m getting desperate for questions now, aren’t I!)

He was awesome on Labyrinth… but those legging things???

11) What is your standby go-to meal to cook when you don’t have anything in the cupboard and feel flat as a tack?

toast and peanut butter. Or Marmite… its a hang over from uni!

For my 11 nominations, I’ve gone by the count of readers stated in the feed reader… And this is hard. I know I’ve missed some that I will kick myself for…

But, My nominated bloggers are:

Fall From Grace – she is a fellow cross stitcher who captures her makes through the process which I find fascinating!

Kim at The Fierce Journal – I’ve known Kim for a long time and this is her new blog, just switched over from her previous. This girl has some amazing insights into people and our thoughts.

Sew Biased – one of the Wellington Sewing girls she’s sewing all sorts – check out the pokemon dressing gown she made. I think I need one!

Mrs C at Sent from my Iron – one super talented lady who saved our local haby store when it was up for sale. She makes, supports and advises… she’s amazing

Treesinwelly – sewing, and travels, and life in Welly. She makes me appreciate my home town 🙂

Fanbloomingtastic – geeky sewing and loving every moment of it!

FlossieFT – yep, another Wellington lady, she makes the best dresses out of the coolest fabrics! And dresses her gorgeous boys

Nicki’s stitches – recently infamous for her Loud Golf pants… go on you know you want to check them out!

the Crazy Gypsy – an out of town Wellington Blogger, I am in love with her print dresses

A Charm of Magpies – another epic sewer and talented knitter (so jealous!!)

Sewist stitch – Sandra’s output is AMAZING!! If I could manage 1/3 of what she does there would be no gap in my blog!!!!

Soo…. my questions for you folks are:

1) What do you enjoy most about blogging?

2) Who would be at your ultimate dinner party ? (5 people…)

3) What are your favourite pair of shoes you’ve ever owned?

4) What is your proudest creation?

5) Would you rather have a bath of snakes or a bath of spiders?

6) What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?

7) If you could only have one more overseas trip, where would you go?

8) What is your favourite outfit? Go on, give us a photo….

9) What sewing or music related thing do you want to have done this year?

11) Star Trek or Star Wars?

So there you are ladies… keep spreading the love!

see you soon – I promise!!!