My Sewing Machine is possessed.

(Warning there is no sewing or creating in this post. Its just an expression of my frustration!)

I got my sewing machine for my 21st Birthday – now I’m in my mid-30’s its no longer a new machine. It has spent large periods of its life in a closet with its cover on (I always used to think it was waaay to hard to actually get my machine set up to sew something. So I didn’t. Yay for a sewing room…)

My machine is in disgrace...

My machine is in disgrace…

Mum got her Bernina for HER 21st, which is still going strong having had its first ever service last year, and for my bithday she picked me out a pretty solid, basic but reliable Bernina. We’ve had a sometimes rocky relationship that machine and I.

About two months ago my machine had to go in for a service as it wasn’t feeding the bobbin thread through. I wasn’t particularly impressed as it had been less than a year since its last service and I thought it should last a little bit longer between services, but hey things happen. So in it went, and duly came back. I picked it up on a Saturday morning, and the (awesome) guy who services my machine made a comment that there was a slim chance that there was a serious problem with the workings of the machine. It was unlikely and he’d had a look at it and couldn’t see a sign of it but… I wasn’t too concerned as this fella likes to have a chat and I figured I’d cross that bridge if it became in issue. So I headed straight home to start on my Grainline Moss. I got through 2 and a half seams and hit a pin and the machine broke again.

Its fair to say I was not happy. Given the comment I’d had earlier and the fact that it was completely inoperable after having a hit a stupid pin I figured the worst. So, unable to do anything else on a Saturday night with no machine I had a look for replacement machines. And could not believe my eyes when I saw that to replace my very basic, and apparently not very reliable machine, would be over $2000. Its fair to say if I replace my machine, it probably won’t be with another Bernina! Jeepers.

So after some cursing, my machine (which weirdly enough I have never named) went back in for another service. The Service man said he thought it was probably the timing again, which left me grumbling as it should jolly well last better than that! I have sewn over pins in my mum’s machine dozens of times no worries. A moan to the Wellington Sewing bloggers confirmed my suspicion that most machines managed this with no worry.

BUT things happen. Wrong speed, wrong bit hits wrong bit and stuff happens huh – thems the breaks. I was too upset to even look at the stupid machine so Mr T took it in for service and picked it up again (after a free service to fix the timing, which was so grateful for). And I’d actually broken something. The whole bobbin case (which was plastic) was broken and needed replaced. I was even more grateful when Mr Service Man had a replacement (in metal – ooh!) sitting in the shop and gave it to me for free!

So the machine came home. And got a massive lecture about how it needed to behave itself,that I had another machine lined up to borrow it if decided it didn’t want to behave, I was not happy, and it was on its way out. Grrr. Suffice to say said machine was trembling in terror at the end of it.

All went well for the rest of my skirt. Then I decided to try knits. I went out and brought stretch needles, and a stretch double needle. Sat down one night to start my Mabel skirt (I will blog I promise), got the stretch needles, took out the previous needle, positioned the stretch needle and tightened up the screw. And the needle fell out.

I tried again. And the needle fell out. By this stage I thought I was starting to lose the plot. I tried three different packets of stretch needles and they all just fell out. Ball point needles – no worries. Jean needles – no worries. Universal needles – no worries. But Stretch needles? Dumb machine.

I searched the internet and found no reference to anything like it. I asked the Wellington Sewing Blogger girls (who, justifiably, may have thought I was making all this drama up). One of the more entertaining suggestions was that my machine was possessed – at which point a group exorcism was rapidly offered.

In the end I contacted Bernina direct, who sent it off their technician (once they believed that I wasn’t making it all up) who also had never seen anything like it. He replaced the screw and that solved the problem. For now.

I got the machine back about 3 weeks ago. It remains in its cover in the middle of the sewing room floor in disgrace. Ok, not only because its in disgrace. I’m cStunners!urrently spending my nights onstage looking like this (I’m the one on the right) while I’m doing the Addams Family Musical. Fun, but time consuming!

So I get free time back in a week or so. Of course I have my next audition the end of July…!

How is your sewing going? What dramas have you had with your sewing machines, or other technology? Do share…