An overdue Wedding Post…

Aah… weddings. You start out with all these ideas and then time ticks away… and away and away.

When I got engaged I knew I wasn’t going to make my wedding dress – I didn’t  need that pressure. But I planned to make:

  • Bridesmaids dresses
  • Bridesmaids wraps
  • Groomsmen ties
  • Paper flowers
  • Table runners
  • Table decorations
  • Bunting for the table and wedding arch
  • ……..

But I quickly came to my senses. The Bridesmaid dresses I got made, the ties I brought, and I didn’t bother with wraps for the girls as they had sleeves. I had enough to do!

I did make things though. I made the bunting but didn’t manage to get decent photos of them (and it rained so we got married indoors and didn’t use the arch anyway).

I made decorations and I made table runners and all sort of things. Other than that everything I made was pretty much for me  🙂

After buying a strapless gown I knew I needed something in case I got cold – we got married at Easter, which here in NZ is a tad dicey. At my first dress fitting I took along the Peppermint Cape that I had already made and, other than being purple, it looked perfect. So I headed down to come fabric shops, brought the softest white fur I could find and it came out great – it looked amazing on the day.

This pattern is awesome, as there are separate sleeve pieces it sits so well on your shoulder, and its super comfortable. I really do love this pattern, its just a bit impracticable made out of fur (yep, which I’ve now done twice) even if it does look amazing… I wouldn’t rule out making a non-fur one one day soon.

My other favorite make from the day was my flowers. Confession time – I had my bouquet chosen before I even got engaged! And this one came direct from Pinterest. I loved the idea of having paper flowers – it seemed so wasteful to spend so much money on flowers that I would have just been thrown away. I am so pleased with how bouquet… check it out!

This takes a long long time… a long long time… there’s about 100 paper flowers in this thing and each flower has 5 pieces to it. The glue gets everywhere and it took some time to work out the best way to get them all to stick to each other and the kebab stick that was put in the middle of each one. The kebab sticks were then stuck into a big Styrofoam ball, and a handle was attached, wrapped in ribbon et voila!

As well having a bouquet that looked totally different, another thing I loved about this was I was able to get flowers made by others – heaps of friends and family made a flower or two (including everyone who attended my bridal shower – waa haa haa!) and some friends that weren’t able to make the wedding were able to make flowers overseas and send them home, so a wee piece of them were still there on the day.

The Bridesmaids bouquets were made of 4 of the same flowers, in a larger size. Each had three blue flowers and then a white flower made of printed paper that represented each of them (the bridesmaid who’d I’d met doing a show had the first song we performed together printed on hers). The buttons for the groomsmen, family and Mr T were single flowers of varying sizes.

The flowers for the table were again the same flowers, in a biggest size yet. 05_reception_high-009

The flowers were really popular – and we didn’t end up bringing any home… they went home to guests kids, guests themselves, some of my family took some to my Grandparent’s grave marker – which was lovely.

We had an awesome day, lots of fun and even more laughter.

Since I’ve just realised none of the photos I’ve actually used show my face – here we go… a photo, showing faces, taken on the vintage railway down the drive from our venue.

Thanks must go to our photographers who’ve taken all the photos I’ve used here – Michelle and James from Patina Photography made the day not only look stunning but made everyone feel at ease too.


Since the wedding I’ve been working and studying… and sleeping… and relaxing. I’m slowly getting my sewjo back… so more posts soon I hope!