Using my most popular post…

I am currently sitting on my couch, where I have been since late last week when I had minor surgery on my toes. I have weird and wonderful big toes (or “great toes” as they are apparently officially called) which are all crooked and that combined with wide toenails gave me pain.

So after putting it off for a long time, I finally booked in to get them done and sat back and experienced this simple surgery get bigger and bigger. Long story short last Thursday I went into hospital and had full surgery on my feet. It really was a minor surgery (honest) but I came to with feet looking like this. Eep!

My feet are under there somewhere...

It all went well, and is healing fine, but its meant several days spent mostly on the couch with those toes elevated. As soon as I came home Mr C had a suggestion… the denim bed rest thing!the bed rest thingee In the weird way that this internet goes, the post about this bed rest thing is my most popular post. BY FAR. People read this post everyday… and we never use it. Mr C, who requested it, has never used it. However after using it for the last several days I can attest it is quite comfy and does it job quite well 🙂

I figure its just well I made it – what would I have done without it huh?? huh???


Summer casuals…

Its a stunning summer here in NZ (you can’t beat Wellington on a good day folks!) and thats always a good excuse to get the legs out!

I brougTrue Bias Hudson Pantsht the last Perfect Pattern Parcel for 2014 and among the selection of patterns was the Hudson Pants by True Bias. I’m not a fan of long track pants as they’re never the right length, always too short, and I think that for me a tapered leg isn’t the most flattering. However I do have a pair of track pants that come to below the knee that I basically lived in for rehearsals for my last show so I was keen for some more.

Ok. Time to be honest. At times I can be incredibly uncreative. Most (if not all) of the time when I see a pattern picture I want to make the garment in the same colour. If the dress on the cover is red I want red fabric. If the jacket is blue I can only imagine myself making it in blue. It happens ALL THE TIME. So, true to form I made my first pair of these in grey 🙂 This is a knit sweatshirt type fabric that is a bit less stretchy than 40% the pattern recommends. And to be honest is a bit heavy for these pants in summer but oh well.

Yep grey.The pattern comes with both the full and shorter length, and the cuff is a band of the main fabric – no ribbing here. I have to admit I was a bit concerned with the fit of these as I have fairly large calves (knee high boots are alwaysnot even almost even an issue) but I cut a straight size 16, knowing I had fabric to spare. But it all fit spot on.

The waist band is self fabric again, around thick elastic and then you then stitch horizontally to create three lines that create the waist band effect. This is meant to spread and hold the elastic evenly through the waist band. I did this wrong – check out how uneven the gathers are on either side of the cord. Trying to unpick it all, through the fabric and elastic was too much hard work. I know I do need to be pickier (no pun intended) with this stuff though, but I like to pick my battles. #lazysewer?

The only tricky part of this is the pockets – you can’t see on mine as its all the same fabric and colour, but there is a separate piece that create the pocket edging and I couldn’t work out where to start. Thank goodness for the internet as without True Bias’ sew-along I don’t know if I would ever have worked it out.

These really are super easy though, and are been in regular rotation, esp as I’ve just started back into rehearsals. And check out my pink hoodie which is worn heaps as well. I’m ridiculously excited about making my own casual wear… its something nobody notices but gives me a smile.

These photos were taken on a river bank on our way back from Martinborough the other day. It was a lovely day and I’m a water baby and I just wanted to swim, but I managed to refrain – its a long drive home!

See you later all!

look... a stone... tough feet tough feet... mmm water...