My pledge…

right... I'm doing this!

‘I, Mel of Thanks! I made this myself sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day for the duration of May 2015.’

Ok folks…. Here we go. I’ve been a part of this online sewing community for a couple of years now and Me-Made-May has been something I’ve always wanted to be part of.

For those of you who’ve not come across this before, Zoe from So Zo, runs this annually and the challenge is to actually  wear the garments you’ve slaved over and get to share them with others. Many of us find its really easy to make something and then not find a chance to wear it and just leave it in the closet… Not this month baby!!

Each person can choose what they want to pledge – some choose to only wear a garment once in the month, other ones I’ve seen are to wear more self-made dresses and to ONLY wear self-made all month – eek!

I haven’t done this previously as I always figured I needed to have more actual me-made clothes in my wardrobe. I still don’t think I have enough for a whole month, but am really keen to do it this year, so I I’ll either have to get really productive at my machine (not that likely as I’m just starting a quilt) or to show you lovelies  many double ups.

I figure May will highlight gaps in my wardrobe and what I don’t wear and hopefully give me some guidance on what I should prioritise for future makes. (Ooh those wardrobe architect posts are making me drool. How I wish I had an actual “personal style” to focus on. But I’m too eclectic – or too casual – to have any kind of specific style.)

One of the key aspects  or Me-Made-May are the regular photos  people take of what they are wearing. I’m planning to photograph daily and add them to my blog as a round up weekly – we’ll see how this goes. However they’re not going to be exciting photos as Mr T is gone by the time I leave the house in the mornings and its dark when I get home now. They’ll be hall way photos I’m afraid. But its all about the garments huh?

What about you folks? Are you taking part this year? Any concerns? At the very least May is a time to see and droll over what everyone else is making – not that I need any more inspiration… my to-make list is already sooo long… Sooo long…

so much to make....